The sporting goods landscape continues to evolve as consumers focus more on health and wellness activities, participation rates in team sports change, purchases migrate online, and retailers continue to rationalize and consolidate.

L.E.K. Consulting’s experience spans the sporting goods value chain and landscape, including team sports, outdoor recreation, fitness and more. We focus on advising clients on the market opportunity, the evolving customer and consumer purchase process, opportunities for innovation, channel strategy, and growth planning. We recommend actionable strategies that drive impactful results for our clients, allowing them to be more efficient and profitable.

Key questions and challenges

Our experienced professionals have a deep understanding of the business challenges in today’s sporting goods marketplace, and we encourage our clients to consider these key questions:

  • How are customer needs and product trends evolving? What are the implications for how we grow our business?
  • How do we optimize our pricing and promotional strategies to maximize value and create win-win solutions for brands and retailers?
  • How should we be addressing digital? Is our DTC and ecommerce strategy working effectively for us? How can we utilize Amazon to our advantage?
  • How do we evolve our business model to be smarter, leaner and more profitable, without compromising growth?
  • Should we grow internationally and outside of our core markets, and if so, how?


How can we help you achieve high-impact results?

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