Customer Experience

Successful organizations excel in delivering value-enhancing and differentiated customer experiences across channels and touchpoints. This applies to interactions throughout the customer life cycle (not just when seeking to shop or transact) and across physical, digital and social channels. You can deliver value not just through channels you own, but also by shaping or influencing channels you don’t own directly. The customer experience requires continual evaluation and rigorous strategic input; it’s at the very center of your relationship with customers and the value they derive from doing business with you.

How We Help

We support you in defining what your customer experience needs to “solve” for and deliver, and in defining priorities and underlying strategies to make this happen. For example, we work with you to:

  • Map out your customers’ journeys and needs in order to engage with and purchase from your company across all channels
  • Identify and measure your customers’ unmet demand and needs through customer feedback
  • Assess the user experience across channels, and identify how to deliver a valuable and differentiated experience
  • Add new omnichannel enhancements and capabilities that augment the online or offline experience, and uncover opportunities to digitally enhance your physical experience
  • Develop your optimal fulfillment model, including offline, online and a blended model
  • Evaluate the extent to which personalization can drive incremental benefit for your organization across content, promotions and channels
  • Optimize the marketing mix from traditional to targeted media (e.g., social media, deal sites, email, retargeting) to drive the right response

Your Benefits

  • Increased revenues through higher customer loyalty, repeat purchases and reduced price sensitivity
  • Higher reputation and ability to generate new customers
  • Ability to access valuable customer insights and understand reasons for dissatisfaction/churn and unmet needs

How can we help you with your Digital needs?


  • A major hotel chain had recently completed a two-year brand transformation process and was seeking to identify and target in-person and online consumers for whom each of the resulting brands would have appeal. L.E.K. Consulting worked with the client to design the optimal segment targeting strategy and address these goals head-on. We developed the key personas and digital channels to reach each brand’s target consumer, and helped craft and customize personalized messaging to increase conversion, stays and brand share among other key metrics.
  • A large Australian mining contractor had developed an impressive pipeline of innovative surface and underground mining solutions, including both manned and autonomous fleets. The company engaged us to develop a strategic narrative for each of its products, an effort that involved sizing the opportunity for each innovation and describing the customer need being served. By engaging with the customer base and conducting a market analysis, we identified the value potential for each opportunity, key customer concerns that could slow adoption of the technologies, and the likely competitor response.
  • A men’s specialty apparel retailer needed the right strategy to launch a new branded website. We diagnosed the root causes limiting traffic and conversion, and defined the marketing strategy and implementation plan to increase traffic and drive conversion on the new website. We outlined specific initiatives to optimize marketing and conversion, such as free shipping, online-specific promotions and flash sales that led to double-digit sales growth upon launch.
  • A leading office furniture manufacturer engaged with us to determine the right strategy to reach the growing ecommerce and residential (home office) customer segments. We evaluated the office furniture market to understand the size and potential revenue opportunity as well as key customer trends and buying behaviors. We designed a client-specific ecommerce strategy and evaluated potential partners or acquisition opportunities to accelerate growth.

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