Commercial Decision Support

Get data-driven answers to your toughest business questions.

Companies have more data than ever. Data from sales transactions. Data from fulfillment networks. Data from social media. Data from sensors attached to commercial facilities, industrial equipment, fleets of vehicles and more.

There’s value in all that data, which business leaders understand perfectly. But it’s one thing to have vast stores of data and quite another to have real insights that enable better decisions and new opportunities. For many, the most practical solution is to pair with an outside center of excellence that provides the answers to tough business problems, using analytic toolkits and models tailored to the company’s specific commercial issues.

How we help

L.E.K. supports businesses of all sizes in their efforts to make use of data to maintain a competitive advantage. As part of this service, we:

  • Draw together and analyze large sets of internal and external data, such as:
    • Transaction and sales information
    • Supply chain records
    • Product and project databases
    • Manufacturing workstation records
    • Production and labor statistics
    • Complaint records and product reviews
    • Demographic information
    • Government and third-party databases
  • Identify root causes of business performance, such as:
    • Areas of the business that are performing better or worse than others
    • Key sources of revenue or margin leakage in the business
    • Drivers of good or bad financial and operational performance
    • Opportunities to improve performance toward industry benchmarks
  • Review and optimize the commercial proposition, including:
    • Channels (network and sales force)
    • Products (range and SKUs)
    • Pricing
  • Identify improvements across operational areas, including:
    • Sourcing
    • Manufacturing
    • Inventory
    • Logistics
    • Workforce

Your benefits

  • An improved understanding of the dynamics of the market and your business
  • Knowledge of what interventions are really working
  • Greater ability to respond to market shifts and regulatory oversight

Examples of our work

To learn more about how we help our clients, please refer to these case examples:

  • A leading builder’s merchant needed to create a new target operating model to secure its market position and return the business to profitable growth. In-depth analysis of profit pools, customer segmentation and potential operating models leveraging transaction database and public datasets provided the confidence required to invest in a major transformation program.
  • We helped identify the optimal size and locations for this roofing distributor’s branch network by reviewing rental rates, geospatial data on competitor locations, census-based market data and more.

Actionable insights borne out of deep, in-market experience in the world’s major industries.

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